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If you own or operate a restaurant, grease trap cleaning is something you will have to deal with on a regular basis. The amount of grease and waste created by the average restaurant can be staggering to have removed, especially while trying to follow the laws and regulations that govern this type of waste disposal. Instead of dealing with this time-consuming task, many restaurant owners opt for the reliability and convenience offered by a grease trap cleaning service. There are many advantages to letting a professional service, like All Star Pumping, handle grease trap maintenance:

  • We customize our service to your needs, cleaning your facility's grease trap in St. Louis as frequently as needed to keep it running optimally.
  • We can service your property at whatever time you prefer, so your day to day business does not have to be disrupted during its normal hours of operation.
  • We can explain how to keep your facility's grease trap working properly based on our trips to your location. If we see that your staff is putting things that shouldn't be in the drain, we will draw your attention to it to avoid a larger problem down the line.
  • We know all the laws governing grease trap cleaning. You can rest assured that all of your grease will be disposed in a way that conforms to these laws.
  • We meticulously document all transport and disposal and can provide those documents to you whenever you need them.
Grease Trap Cleaning in St. Charles, MO

If you need a professional service to handle the headache of cleaning your grease trap in St. Louis, trust All Star Pumping! We serve restaurants in St. Louis, St. Charles County, Wentzville, St. Peters, St. Charles, O'Fallon, Florissant, and Metro East, Missouri. Contact us today!