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a month ago

"Our septic system was backing up to the basement drain and I feared the worst, calling a few places in panic who basically blew me off. I then contacted All Star and was greeted by an extremely helpful lady who got someone out within hours. The awesome service man pumped the tank and found the filter to be extremely clogged which was causing the backup. I only had to pay for the tank pump which I needed anyway. All Star will be getting my business anytime I need septic service, that is 100% for sure."

Marc Gottfried

5 reviews

2 months ago

"I had Septic Servies out of Union, MO come out and check over my system ($120). They said my filter was destroyed and needed to be replaced. They said they could install it for $1,250 (Noweco filter) but after that, they could not service it because they are too heavy and they would need 2 guys and there's only one on their service trucks. So I could buy it from them, but it would not be included in the annual service contract?? Forget it. I called All Star and they said they could install it for $1,200 and would be happy to service it as well. The guys came out with the new filter, took my old one out and said it was fine! They cleaned it and took the new one with them to sell to someone else. They could have very easily sold me the new filter, but instead were honest and saved me the money. I signed up for annual service with them. A+++"

Stacy Derocchi

1 review

a year ago

"Amazing experience today! Mark discovered that we had a 2 chamber septic tank. He had to dig to the opening of the main chamber because it did not have a riser, but knew exactly where to dig and made as small of a hole as possible. On top of that, he discovered that the main chamber had NEVER been pumped and the house is almost 38 years old. He worked his tail off manually breaking up the fecal sludge to get as much pumped as possible and avoid us having to pay $650 for jetting. He was able to get about 80% out of the main chamber and everything out of the secondary chamber saving us all that money. We will definitely be using them again and recommending them to the neighbors!"

Tony Davis

1 review

9 months ago

"Today was my first experience with All Star, my driver was Mark and he was awesome, he informed me about septic maintenance and other services they provide.He was here when he said he would and his attitude & personality was exactly what you need to experience as a customer. Thank you all from the office to the field."

Joe LaRocca

3 reviews

3 years ago

"Called All Star this morning at 9:00 desperate for help for a clogged up septic tank. Josh arrived by 11:00 and diagnosed/fixed by 1:00. He was super! Friendly, professional and offered good advice. They do not charge extra for weekend work which is great. Outstanding service by a quality company. Would highly recommend."

Cory Rosenberger

3 reviews

3 years ago

"All Star provided tremendous help in a time of need. They dispatched a truck within an hour and very late in a day, which was simply world-class customer service. Thank you."